• We provide a flexible, mobile, manual labour service by the hour in Dublin city.
  • We will lift and move items in your office/home or when making a delivery.
  • We lift, move and assemble furniture and equipment etc, around your premises or, to and from your vehicle.
  • Our staff are fully trained and certified in manual handling and are fully insured and mobile.

So you need help unloading a van or moving furniture and equipment around your office/home or, you simply want someone to do it for you? Well this is how we work.

Firstly you can simply call us to call out for a free estimate or 
you can call and order our service at short notice e.g. on the day and we will make our way to you or, you can simply pre-book with us online and we will meet you at your destination.

When you pre-book our service, we will email you an identity profile of our staff member who will be appointed to you, showing you their photo and details for your security assurance.

We can either help you lift and move items or, we can move the items for you. You can also hire one or two men for one or two or more hours.

Our staff are fully certified in manual handling and are fully insured with public liability limit of €6,500,000.

Example: If you book our staff from 11.00am till 1.00pm they will arrive just before 11.00 and their clock starts running at 11.00. An invoice will be issued on completion of the job and must be paid for then.

To get the best from our service, make sure you know exactly what you want our staff to do.

Make sure delivery trucks are on time.
Make sure the skip will be there when our staff arrive.
Make sure computers and printers are powered down and disconnected.
Know what desks etc.
go into what rooms.

What we cover.

  • Unload deliveries at destination point.
  • Move file boxes around your building
  • Dismantle and move furniture around building.
  • Fill skips.
  • We will stop every two hours for a 15 min break.
  • If working for a full day our guy will stop for his elevenses, lunch, and four o’clock break, don’t worry you’re not charged for these.
  • Have manual handling and insurance certificates.
  • Meet clients at their chosen destination in the Dublin city area.
  • Wear safety work gear at all times and use high visible clothing when needed.
  • Lift and move boxes, furniture, equipment, tools etc. from a clients van, car or truck into their or their clients premises.
  • Carry a backpack containing safety gloves, safety glasses, rain gear, hard hat and first aid kit.

What we don’t cover.

  • Wash cars, clean houses and stuff like that. We lift stuff.
  • Do any kind of tradesmen work for example: paint, electrical work, plumbing etc,
  • Cut grass or trim hedges or plant pansies. We lift stuff.
  • We don’t use machinery to move items, if our guys can’t lift it it’s going nowhere. For example, safes /fireproof cabinets.
  • Window cleaning
  • Deliveries
  • Drive any motorised vehicles, example: cars, vans, cherry picker etc
  • Work excessive lengths of time where it is a danger to the worker’s health